16 Events To Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week in London

Mental Health Awareness Week is coming to London this May—from the 13th to 19th, the city will be buzzing with everything from interactive talks to comedy performances.

Here’s what’s on.


Self Care Sunday x Stand Up4 Mental Health

Self Care Sunday UK is a first of its kind grassroots mental health movement with live performances, talks and honest storytelling about toxic social trends, facing mental health issues, negative thinking and depression, political anxiety and more.


What: Festival// Where: Shoreditch// Price: Free


Now what is mental health London 12 May

NOW Chat Show Presents: #NowWhatIsMentalHealth

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), No Ordinary Woman Chat Show will be hosting a LIVE interactive episode on Sunday 12 May 2019 that will explore mental health issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Stress, Eating Disorders, Suicide and more.


What: Podcast // Where: Kilburn // Price: £7



Perspectives on Mental Health London 13 May

Perspectives on Mental Health

Perspectives on Mental Health, brings together a great variety of work, considering the points of view, feelings and emotions from various angles the artists have experienced mental health. Explore and meet the artists.

What: Art exhibition // Where: Brixton // Price: Free


Building Healthy Boundaries For Women in Business London 13 May

Building Healthy Boundaries For Women in Business

Join Megs, a Self-Confidence & Strength Strategist for Women in Business, as she delves into the importance of setting healthy boundaries out of self-respect. A fun, interactive and inspiring workshop on transforming your relationships and attracting dream clients.

What: Workshop // Where: Shoreditch // Price: Free




Crazy Talk: a comedian's take on mental health London 14 May

Crazy Talk: a comedian’s take on mental health

Having lived with mental health issues for many years, Juliette brings a refreshingly honest view and will share how she’s managed to overcome prejudice and stigma as well as her own demons.


What: Comedy // Where: Holborn // Price: Free


Calmer presents - ‘Burnout: How to prevent it and Reignite your Passions’ London 14 may

Calmer presents Burnout: How to prevent it and Reignite your Passions

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, join us for the launch of our new short film focusing on burnout and how to prevent it. After the film, there’ll be a panel discussion between entrepreneurs and business owners from the film.


What: Film, Talk // Where: Shoreditch // Price: Free


Me & My Smartphone: Protecting Mental Health in our Hyperconnected Lives London 14 May

Me & My Smartphone: Protecting Mental Health in our Hyperconnected Lives

If you want to change your relationship with technology, or introduce healthier habits in your organisation, this event is for you. Personal stories and case studies of change will be shared by psychiatrists and employee wellness leaders.


What: Talk // Where: Islington // Price: Free


Mental Health in the Workplace I Don't Think You're OK - The Simple Steps to Humanise London 14 May

I Don’t Think You’re OK – The Simple Steps to Humanise Mental Health in the Workplace

Join MobFit for a conversation during mental health awareness week, with Mad and Sad Club Founder Jo Hooper & The Mindfulness Circle’s Jonny Say, to uncover the simple steps to humanise mental health in the workplace.


What: Talk // Where: Liverpool Street// Price: Free


The Wellness Connect: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

In honour of #MentalHealthAwareness week we are breaking down the barriers, with this unique event from industry experts, which will teach you coping mechanisms for some of the commonly experienced but rarely discussed health issues that affect so many of us in modern life.


What: Talk // Where: Elephant & Castle// Price: £20



Boxpark Talks Monikah Lee: Mental Health Awareness Week London 15 May

Boxpark Talks w/ Monikah Lee: Mental Health Awareness Week

The talk show is set to be the ‘Question Time for the new generation’ in which a platform is provided for panellists and attendees to discuss social, political and engaging issues that are affecting our society.


What: Q&A // Where: Shoreditch// Price: Free


Mental Health & Alcohol: Can better Marketing Help Reduce Alcohol Abuse? London 15 May

Mental Health & Alcohol: Can better Marketing Help Reduce Alcohol Abuse? 

Join Campfire & YesMore Agency for a couple of presentations, a panel debate and a bit of light relief in the form of stand up comedy as we aim to explore an area of responsible drinking that seems somewhat unexplored.


What: Talk // Where: Shoreditch // Price: Free



Wellbeing for Peak Performance London 16 May

Wellbeing for Peak Performance

If you are looking for a way to reshape your relationship with stress and to truly thrive, then this workshop will give you a solid base from which to build a resilient core. Stress can be enhancing, if we believe it can be.


What: Workshop // Where: Shoreditch // Price: Free



Black Mental Health Matters on Mental Health Week

We use this workshop to explore possibilities of a bespoke service, culturally sensitive, using interventions that are conducive and effective because it has considered the unique nature and the most prevalent aetiological factors of different communities.


What: Workshop // Where: King’s Cross // Price: £10



Mental Well-Being Masterclass: Creating a Vision Board London 18 May

Mental Well-Being Masterclass: Creating a Vision Board

Begin to create your ideal Vision for your half-yearly goals. This is a fun and interactive workshop where you will begin to create your vision boards and bring your goals to reality.


What: Workshop // Where: Stratford // Price: £2-4





Celebrity choreographer Brendon Hansford will be holding his first ever free mental health dance class at the iconic Pineapple Dance Studios, aimed at people who are struggling to speak up and share how they feel.

When: 26 May // What: Dance Class

Where: Covent Garden // Price: Free


Happy Heads 3 - A Mental Health Event London 13 July

Happy Heads 3

The event explores 7 areas of life to keep/gain balance… Nutrition, Dreams and Purpose, Creative Outlet, Selfcare, Exercise, Faith Community and Identity, Friends and Family.

When: Saturday, 13 July 2019 // What: Talks, Festival

Where: Croydon // Price: Free

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