Mental Health Awareness Week: StandUp4 Mental Health Event Recap

On Sunday May 12th, Londoners from all walks of life joined Kinde in hosting Self Care Sunday UK, a first of its kind grassroots mental health campaign to Stand Up4 Mental Health.

The afternoon was filled with interactive workshops and talks, creative storytelling, and performances. Mental health topics without simple answers were meaningfully addressed.

Loved ones going through difficult times were honoured. 

Mental health journeys were shared. 

Everyone left feeling we are not alone. 

A Conversation On Toxic Social Trends

From Brexit to climate change to knife crime, crisis has become constant, putting our own inner peace and mental health in jeopardy. Char Bailey of Know Hope UK & UK Black Pride and Nicolette Wilson-Clarke of Embodied Entrepreneur led the crowd in a timely conversation on toxic social trends. 

Char shocked the crowd with her personal story of political advocacy, overcoming discrimination and battle against cancer. Both Nicolette and Char gave sincere advice on building mental resilience, using social media for change, and shifting from victim mentality to purposeful living.

Tale Padre (Like Father) Short Film

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a condition that affects your moods, causing them to swing from one extreme to another. Like Father is a short fim that explores the illness through the eyes of the Grifó family and its sufferer Giuseppe—father, son, brother and husband.

Film creator, Serena Sabala, took to the stage to share her personal story behind the making of the short film. She shared childhood memories, being only 8 years old when her father became mentally ill as an entrepreneur and crumbled under the pressure of running a multimillion euros business.

Free Your Mind: Creative therapy

We all have insecurities that can trigger anxiety, depression, and ill mental health. In this creative therapy workshop, Hazel Gale shared her personal story of overcoming self limiting beliefs, and helping others to grow out of toxic behaviours.

Hazel Gale is a master practitioner of cognitive hypnotherapy who authored the book Fight: Win Freedom From Self-Sabotage. She once competed as a world kickboxing champion and European ABA boxing-title winner. 

Cognitive hypnotherapy helped Hazel to rebuild herself from physical and psychological burnout. She then trained as a therapist to help others win their emotional battles. 

A Talk About Financial WellBeing

We’re all dreamers with unique ideas to create big life changes, but toxic atttidues towards money and self doubt often holds many of us back from achieving financial stability.

Erik Porter of the Money Charity and Laura Vind Hanke of Universal Production Music took to the stage to share financial wellbeing techniques and mindset shifts that they’ve used to help young people and creatives.

Speak your mind: Open Mic

Mental health professionals, advocates and entertainers took to the stage to perform poems, songs and even comedy skits breaking the stigma on PTSD, depression, eating disorders and mental illness. Touching experiences of mental wellness and illness were shared.

Spoken word artists and mental health advocates Tevin and Indigo Majji shared stories of depression, caregiving, and difficult life transitions.

A young filmmaker shared a short, which challenged negative body image. Mental health advocates Pinkster and John shared their touching story of meeting online as trauma survivors and finding emotional and psychological support over social media.

Thank you to everyone who made Self Care Sunday x Stand Up4 Mental Health a truly memorable experience! Until next year!

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