5 Ways To Cope With Stressful Big Life Changes

Adjustment disorder is a mental health condition that sounds foreign to most people, but actually affects us all at some point in life. It sometimes comes up when faced with very big (stressful) life changes.


Change Is Triggering

There are many things that can bring about adjustment disorder. Being diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition, losing a loved one, or experiencing unexpected catastrophe can all lead to adjustment disorder.

It can also be triggered by daily life. You might be having a tough time at work or in school, dealing with a difficult marriage (or divorce), or struggling with finances. These can all cause adjustment disorder.


If left unchecked, adjustment disorder can progress into more severe mental health conditions, from major depression to substance abuse to suicidal thoughts.

Here’s what to do when going through adjustment periods.

allow yourself to be emotional


know your triggers


self care, self care, self care!


let your voice be heard


Talk to someone

If after all of this you’re finding it hard to function, and getting out of bed, going to work or making it to class is a battle—then you may need to speak to a mental health professional. A trained therapist can help you better identify what’s keeping you from coming to terms with the changes in your life.

Talk To Someone

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