3 Reasons College Students Struggle In Silence

College is a lot of newness all at once – from sitting in lectures and living in dorms to attending parties and managing finances, it can be overwhelming. Most of time, you need help to excel–whether it be with your studies, career path or finances. But you can’t be helped if you don’t ask for it.

There are a lot of things we say to ourselves that discourage us from seeking help and, generally speaking, they hold us back. So, if you hear yourself thinking one of these 3 statements–make it a point to brush them off and do what you got to do.


I Don’t Want to Bother My Professor

Ah, the feeling of being a burden is always the worst. Good thing you’re not. Asking for help from your professor is not awkward or a burden or bothering.

Does your assignment need a look at from another point of view? Are you unsure about the material you’ve learned in the last class? Do you feel like you’re lost in the course’s structure? All your wishes can be answered by the magical wonders of: Office hours. Within this open environment, you can bombard your professors with all the questions you can think of.

Your professors expect you not to understand everything at first glance, they know you’ll need help and they’ve provided the time to help–use it to your advantage! There’ll be times when you need their hands-on support. Don’t just rely on your email. Go straight to the source and talk to your professor in-person.

They are here to support, help and teach you–let that cycle take its course.


What if My Professor Doesn’t Like Me, or Worse Thinks I’m Not Smart?

We’ve all been in situations where we question and hold ourselves back. This is what we call: Analysis paralysis. By definition, it’s when you find yourself overthinking a situation–trying to analyze every detail to it. Sometimes, overthinking goes so far as thinking that you don’t deserve help, or shouldn’t need it. But get this–asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness. Asking about what you need help with takes strength and commitment.

Your professor wants you to show interest, be active and ask questions about their course. It shows you’re interested and willing to make an effort to succeed. Stop overthinking it, you’re only creating problems that aren’t there.

If overthinking does anything–it wastes your time. Needing help with your courses and college experience is inevitable so don’t be so hard on yourself. Be there, do the best you can and put yourself out there. Ask about what you don’t understand. Seek the support you need to help you in your journey towards success. Remember: worrying about how things might go wrong, doesn’t make things go right.


Yeah, But Asking Probably Won’t Help

Education is founded on gathering information and knowledge. You won’t be able to gather the information or knowledge you need without a bit of guidance. Your professors are more experienced than you in what they teach. At the very least, seeking your professor’s help will give them a sense of who you are and provide a good first impression.  Not wanting to do something because you’re doubting its usefulness is completely understandable. But as the saying goes–you never know unless you try.

Be present, show you care and you won’t be let down. Your college professors, counselors and advisors want to see you succeed. Do all that’s in your power to reach that triumph–and that starts by seeking help when you need it.

College brings independence–and with independence comes responsibility. Own your education by asking for help when you’re struggling. Make it a point to be proactive. The only person that can make the best out of your college experience is you! Don’t shy away from this responsibility–you are there for a reason and that is to thrive.

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