14 Virtual Wellbeing Events To Get You Through Winter Lockdown

Take care of your mental health this December with these virtual community wellness events.

Here are our top picks.

Movement therapy



Complementary meditation for beginners, where you can start to experience greater relaxation and learn how to keep a calm mind amongst the chaos. Learn how to create peace and wellbeing through the power of meditation.

When: 8 Dec // Where: Online // Price: Free

candlelight yoga

Relax & Release. Celebrate Wednesdays with Candlelight flow yoga. Each week focuses on new themes and poses to expand your yoga practice. Join online at 6.30pm EST.

When: Wednesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free


Art Therapy


therapeutic art

Join this free art class led by Lya and Sara to express your creativity. This is a class focused on balancing your mind through art. 

When: Tuesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free

diy art therapy

 Arts Sisterhood UK have chosen a series of themes and topics for their Livestream DIY Art Therapy workshops relevant to the winter period: anti-racism, cultivating healthy relationships, festive season resilience and manifesting a healthy New Year.

When: 1 Dec, 14 Dec // Where: Online // Price: £4.90


virtual knitting meetup

Want to learn how to crochet or knit? Join the virtual knitting meetup for an informal session over a cup of tea. Beginners and experienced knitters welcome.

When: Wednesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free


POC Support


yoga for people of colour

Each class has a unique theme and instruction to cultivate safety and body awareness. It’s led by a Queer, Multiracial, Black Woman with 13 years of experience teaching Yoga, dance, and meditation.

When: Thu & Sat // Where: Online // Price: Donations


Students Help


student peer support group

 Join this student peer network to find support, share experiences and learn self-help tools for improving your wellbeing. Everyone is welcome to join as often as you like. There is no pressure to disclose anything you don’t want to.

When: Tuesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free


LGBT Support


grounding movement

If you’ve been feeling a bit low or distracted lately, combining meditation and movement in a safe environment can have a really positive effect on the rest of your day. Join the Grounding Movement for a friendly online class, open to all abilities. This is a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ Community. 

When: 2 Dec // Where: Online // Price: Free



transmasculine support group

For those who are assigned female at birth (AFAB) but believe this is an inaccurate or incomplete description of themselves. This includes AFAB folks that are trans men, non-binary, genderqueer, two-spirit, FTM, and questioning. 

When: 13 Dec // Where: Online // Price: Free



lgbtq yoga

Sun Power Yoga blends traditional styles, with an instructor who is trained in teaching yoga to people with anxiety and PTSD. The classes are a safe, friendly, and welcoming space.

When: Tuesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free


brother check in

This is a safe space for gay, bi and trans men to meet up online and share their story, to listen, laugh, discover and tackle some of the feelings that they may have. Be who you are without fear of judgement and discuss things affecting you in the community.

When: Tuesdays // Where: Online // Price: £5.98


Women’s Support

mum’s support group

Achieve mom empowerment and peace of mind, with special attention paid to reducing mom guilt during COVID-19 home isolating. Join Mum’s support group to talk to other moms in a judgement-free space.

When: Tuesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free


postnatal group

Being a new mum can be amazing as well as challenging. The Postnatal group can help you to adjust with supportive chats, friendship and advice. No matter if you’ve had your first baby or your fifth, there will be new routines, new relationships, and a fresh recovery from the birth. 

When: Tuesdays // Where: Online // Price: £5.98


Men’s Support

men don’t cry workshop

WeSpeak is a non profit organisation hosting the “Men Don’t Cry” workshop to raise awareness on mental health issues as well as support individuals who have been affected. Rebuild your self-esteem and confidence, and find your own voice.

When: 4 Dec // Where: Online // Price: Free 




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