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150+ Affirmations To Transform Your Mental Health

Everything we do in life begins with mental health. Tapping into the brain’s neuroplasticity, affirmations can inspire changes in the way we think, feel and ultimately live our lives. Choose from our list of 150+ affirmations. Repeat the ones that resonate with you for the next 30 days.






  1. I am magic
  2. I love myself deeply
  3. I am someone I can rely on
  4. I am equally present with my partner, friends and self
  5. I radiate self-love and life returns it to me
  6. I give and receive love equally
  7. I enjoy my own company
  8. I am most kind to myself
  9. I make time for myself
  10. I release myself from the need to impress others
  11. I trust in the person I am
  12. I am proud of the person I’m becoming
  13. I invest in my relationship with myself through big and small acts of self-care
  14. I value my mental health equally with my physical health
  15. I’m not ashamed or alone in having mental health struggles
  16. I make time to turn inward and give myself love daily
  17. I accept about me what others don’t
  18. I am my own best friend
  19. I love the human I am and am becoming
  20. I age with joy 
  21. I attract likeminded people to make my ideas a reality
  22. I am constantly improving and reaping the rewards
  23. I am more than my relationship status
  24. I have a voice worthy of being heard
  25. I love myself for who I am not who I have tried to be
  26. I am enough
  27. My feelings are valid, always


    1. I accept myself the way I am
    2. I recognize other people’s opinions as just that, opinions
    3. I forgive myself for my past mistakes
    4. I am the architect of my life 
    5. I am the creator of my reality
    6. I am an achiever of greatness
    7. I achieve what I desire
    8. I am bursting with brilliant ideas
    9. I  grow wiser and more knowledgeable with each day
    10. I am supported by the positive energy of the universe
    11. I allow challenges to bring out the best in me
    12. I am confident in my abilities and skills
    13. I face difficulties with courage
    14. I trust in my abilities
    15. I trust in my strength to face whatever the future brings
    16. I love respect and accept myself as I am
    17. I am proud of who I am today and who I will be tomorrow
    18. I work hard and know my worth
    19. My inner strength knows no bounds.
    20. I breathe in positive energy and love, I exhale negativity and doubt.
    21. I overflow with strength wisdom and compassion
    22. I have an abundant amount of talent and gifts
    23. I embrace feeling out of place, this is where growth happens
    24. I reinforce my self-esteem with positive thoughts and actions
    25. I age with joy 


    1. I am living in the present
    2. I am confident in my future
    3. I am confident when I’m around others
    4. I am capable of adjusting to new situations
    5. I face difficult situations with courage
    6. I trust in my inner wisdom
    7. I know my intuition is my best guide
    8. My confidence, inner wisdom and self esteem increase daily
    9. I inhale confidence and exhale self doubt
    10. I am courageous and confront my fears 
    11. I release habits of worry
    12. I replace feelings of worry with hope
    13. I release anxiety because I know it is just passing through
    14. I attract calming situations and people into my life
    15. I identify with my feelings of anxiety as much as I do peace
    16. I vibrate at a higher emotion than anxiety
    17. I am becoming more calm, positive and loving everyday
    18. I interpret my emotions and have the final say in how I react
    19. I react to my anxiety calmly and effectively
    20. I embrace stress, it steers me away from what drains me
    21. I am more than my genetics
    22. I am more than my family history of mental illness
    23. I learn from my anxiety


    1. I tap into my wellspring of inner happiness anytime I wish
    2. I am allowed to have bad days
    3. I am abundantly joyful 
    4. Happiness is my birthright, I embrace and accept it 
    5. I find joy and pleasure in the simple things in life
    6. I awaken each morning feeling happy and enthusiastic
    7. I fill my mind with positive, nurturing thoughts
    8. I am grateful for the moment
    9. I’m focused on what I can control and letting go of what I can’t
    10. I am happy to be different


      1. My body vibrates with good energy and good health
      2. My body fills with confidence and pride daily
      3. I nourish my body with healthy food
      4. I nourish my mind with healthy thoughts about my body
      5. I listen to what my body needs
      6. I care for my body
      7. I am patient and kind to my body
      8. I feel great about myself
      9. I do not compare my body to other peoples’ bodies because this does not serve me
      10. I treat my body with love, care and pride
      11. I do not have to change for anybody but myself
      12. I enjoy how my body moves and rolls during intimacy
      13. I love my body for it is just as Mother Nature intended 
      14. I am responsible for what I do with my body
      15. I choose only what’s best for my body
      16. I push my body and allow time for healing and recovery
      17. I love my body type
      18. I work my body as an act of love
      19. I am safe in my skin
      20. I am beautiful when I decide I am
      21. I am sexy and good looking


    1. I am doing what I say and saying what I mean
    2. I am nurturing healthy relationships with people I love
    3. I am able to see the best in the people that I love
    4. I am able to resolve conflict peacefully and confidently
    5. I am fully myself when with people I love
    6. I am confident in communicating my desires and boundaries
    7. I am attracting people who want the best for me
    8. I am living out my purpose beyond my work
    9. I reward myself with time to rest after working hard
    10. I stand up for myself, and voice my opinions
    11. I share my true feelings and opinions with courage 
    12. I respect and defend the opinions and feelings of others
    13. I listen when others share their feelings and opinions
    14. I maintain composure in the face of challenges
    15. I am a gift to my friends, family and self
    16. I release myself from attachments that no longer serve me


    1. I am releasing hurt so peace can enter my life
    2. I am replacing anger with understanding
    3. I am compassionate towards myself
    4. I am forgiving of myself for things I should and have done
    5. I forgive myself 
    6. I am forgiving of others for their mistakes 
    7. I free myself from the hurt of others
    8. I am growing more at peace with my past each day
    9. I choose love, joy and freedom
    10. I release past hurt to allow healing energy into my life
    11. I am grateful for the present joys in my life
    12. I inspire others to be happy when I allow myself to be happy
    13. I allow setbacks to bring out the best in me
    14. I attract kindness
    15. My good days prepare me for my harder days
    16. I am processing my hurt and anger in healthy ways
    17. I ask for help when I need it
    18. I open my heart to healing
    19. Life is tough sometimes, but I am tougher
    20. I grow more at peace each day

    f*boy&girl AFFIRMATIONS

    1. I breathe in peace and breathe out disfunction
    2. I sow seeds of peace wherever I go
    3. I surround myself with people who care about my wellbeing
    4. I am considerate of how my decisions affect others
    5. I stay calm in frustrating situations
    6. I choose my peace of mind
    7. When chaos surrounds me, I remain calm 
    8. I allow even wrong decisions to lead me somewhere positive
    9. I am making responsible decisions
    10. I am attracting people who treat me well
    11. I am trusting in my ability to set myself free 
    12. I am in control of my life
    13. I am choosing love over other emotions
    14. I am attracting the love my heart desires
    15. I am attracting my soulmate with love and courage
    16. I am manifesting love and happiness from within
    17. I am attracting kindness from others
    18. I love before I speak


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