The Kinde Credo

Our Credo defines the values that guide everything we do and challenges us to put the wellbeing of the people we serve first. Our Credo serves as more than a moral compass, it’s the foundation for our business.

What We Believe

Social networks are for humans, not trolls

What you say online should be no different than what you would say to a fellow human being in person. We have a zero tolerance policy for hurtful comments and abusive language. As a member of the Kinde community we encourage you to be mindful of what you say,

and always be kind.


Social networks are for sharing your true self

Curated profiles and highlight reels of ‘living your best life’ are toxic and breed unhealthy comparison to others. Achieving mental wellness is a lifelong journey that is best explored when people are upfront about their good and bad life moments. Kinde welcomes and encourages people from all walks of life to share these moments of vulnerability in an inclusive, supportive and safe environment.


Social networks IRL ≠ Online social networks

Social media ‘friends’ and ‘likes’ are not a replacement for connecting with real people in the real world. Online talk and connections are meaningless without social interactions in the real world. Our 7 Day Challenges, events and other community resources are available to help you make real improvements to your daily life offline and online.


Online social networks can be addictive

At Kinde, we don’t ignore elephants in the room. Kinde is a social network, and like every other social networking platform it can become addictive without a healthy level of self-awareness.

We take social media addiction as seriously as we do other triggers of poor mental health, and encourage you do the same with (or without) our Wellbeing Tracker, Challenges and other resources.


Social network operators should be accountable

Social media is a powerful tool that can build communities up or tear them down. At Kinde, we take our responsibility to the people using our products and services very seriously. We ask one thing of our users, healthcare partners, business partners, and investors:

Always choose kindness when communicating via our products and services

Kinde is committed to protecting the mental wellbeing and safety of our users above all else. Healthcare partners, business partners, and investors who fail to uphold Our Credo values in their advertising, shared content, or public practices will be removed from our community.