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3 Mindfulness Habits To Help Achieve Your Goals

It seems that nearly everyone in the world is getting their lives together in 2019. But what does it take really to make big life changes and live your best life?

Before becoming a business manager or entrepreneur or leader, every successful person had a moment of doubt where they questioned whether they had what it takes to make their goals a reality. Though their paths may have differed, they each needed one thing to succeed—and that’s consistencyWhen working towards any life goal, whether it be personal or professional, consistency is key.

Leading up to the new year, personal growth and self-care guru Lavendaire created a series of videos on how to set and stick to new goals. Here’s what we can learn from her video on turning self-care routines into habits.

Change doesn’t happen overnight

It’s totally OK and normal to not do everything on your checklist of weekly goals. New routines take time to become ingrained as habits.

Small victories are to be celebrated

Whatever you’re able to accomplish in a day, celebrate it. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t do, take a moment to appreciate all that you did do.

Progress is the sum of small changes

Don’t let the simplicity of your self-care goals mislead you to believing they’re not important. Over time, small daily victories add up into big wins.

What you achieve inside matters

Whatever your goals are for 2019, your mind is your greatest asset. Taking steps to keep your mind sharp, will help you maintain a positive outlook and overcome any challenges that stand between you and your vision.

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