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4 Misunderstood Facts About PTSD & Bullying

Never would I have thought that I could be diagnosed with PTSD after the horrible school bullying that I went through. Over my years living with PTSD I’ve learned a lot about the myths and realities of living with it. 

Anyone can be diagnosed with PTSD—not just soldiers

Back in 2015 I was diagnosed with PTSD. I remember being asked what I knew about the condition and to be honest I thought only soldiers could be diagnosed with PTSD. I vaguely understood PTSD was linked to flashbacks from the past, but that was about it.


even the smallest of things can be triggering with ptsd

For me, simply seeing a young person messing about with their mates can be triggering. My mind takes me back to my experiences of getting bullied. Sometimes my flashbacks come without any noticeable triggers and I don’t know why.


PTSD doesn’t always come immediately after going through something traumatic

I was diagnosed with PTSD from being bullied when I was in school but now I am not getting bullied by others but it still affects me to this day. I find it hard to trust people in college as I don’t know if they are being genuine.


PTSD isN’T a sign of weakness

I remember once telling a teacher that I had PTSD and explaining why I was in a bit of a panic. They told me “get over it” and asked “could I really blame them for picking on me”. At the time I felt so stupid and weak. Now I realise that having mental health problems doesn’t make me weak at all. It’s taken a lot of hard work and courage for me to get to where I am now, and for that I am stronger than I’ve ever been. 

Bryony Moss

Bryony is a Kinde Champion and UK-based writer using her voice to help others living with disability and mental health. Follow her on Instagram and Defeating Disability.

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