Remember These Words Next Time Your Mental Health Has You Feeling Fragile

Hanna Brooks Olsen is one of many people living in this world who are just barely holding it together. And she’s got a message for us:

Good job today. 

I remember a lot of days feeling like an egg; an intact shell that looked smooth and clean, with an inside that was messy and maybe even rotten. You’d have to break it to find out, I guess, but it never quite broke.

When you’re just barely holding it together, every day is a long and tiresome struggle, every challenge of every size potentially ruinous.

In spite of whatever it is that keeps picking, picking, picking little pieces of your shell away, you still manage to make it to school or work, or to pick up the kids, or to go to the store, or hell, to walk the dog. And for that, I want to say: Good job.

We all have our dark moments. And when you get through them you must congratulate yourself for staying strong when you felt too weak, and getting through to the other side.

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