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3 Surprising Ways Depression Can Sneak Up On You

Depression is all around us. But how do we know? It’s not easy to tell when someone’s depressed, even when that someone is us. We’re all guilty of having assumptions of what depression is like.

Most people associate depression with being sad, but there’s more to it than that. It’s important for your own sake to not let depression sneak up on you. Here are some signs you might not realize about depression. 


Why do I not fit in? Is it just me? Maybe you feel like being by yourself sometimes, but it’s troublesome wondering why others seem to not bother with you. You long to feel like you belong, but you are isolating yourself.

Loved ones, family, and friends can’t seem to get a hold of you. You feel lonely and have a fear of missing out, but the possibility of meeting someone new feels like too much.

Life Feels Overwhelming

All of a sudden you just can’t handle anything anymore. Life has too many problems and nothing good ever comes your way. You may spend most of your spare time sleeping or on the flip side you struggle to get any sleep at all.

The littlest things make you irritable and getting through the day is becoming more of a chore. 


You never thought decision-making could be so difficult, but it truly is for you. The simplest of choices have become headaches. But why? Forgetting things seems like a regular occurrence.

You might hear what someone is saying, but your attention isn’t fully there. You’re just so confused by things that you don’t know which end is up.


Sound Familiar?

If you’ve been experiencing any of these signs, know that you’re not alone. You might be depressed and not think anything of it because to you it feels normal. The problem is that it’s not. Our bet is you weren’t always like this. Depression is tricky, but it’s also treatable.

Recognizing these and other signs of depression is a brilliant first step towards better mental health. With the right help and support, you can start seeing less dark clouds and start feeling more like yourself again.

Dave Brennan

Dave Brennan is a US-based writer and depression survivor using his voice to help others living with mental health. 

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