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UK Solicitors Launch Petition To Age Restrict Surgery-Enhanced Influencer Posts

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors and Save Face are calling on UK government to adopt stronger regulations on how social media influencers and celebrities use their platform to promote and demonstrate the before and after effects of cosmetic surgery.

The law firm conducted a national survey of 1,010 people that found that almost 3 in 4 people support an age limit being put in place in order to protect young and vulnerable people with their mental health.

“Photos and videos on social media that glamorise looks such as the ‘Rich Girl Face’ trend – marked by extremely full lips and shiny skin – has ushered in a new standard of beauty that places excessive pressure on followers to undergo expensive procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels in order to achieve the same appearance.”

—Michael Saul, Partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

From anxiety and depression to low self esteem and body dysmorphia, this social media trend is having many negative mental health side effects on vulnerable men and women. Sign the petition to help put an end to social media pressure to get cosmetic surgery.

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