17 February Events To Get You Through The Winter Lockdown

Take care of your mental health during the lockdown with these virtual self care events and safe spaces for seeking support.

Here are our picks of what’s on.



Complementary monthly meditation for beginners, for greater relaxation and calming. Learn how to create peace and find wellbeing through meditation

When: 9 Feb // Where: Online // Price: Free


candlelight yoga

Relax, Release, Refresh, Renew Celebrate Wednesday with Candlelight flow yoga. Each week focuses on new themes and poses to expand your yoga practice. Join online at 6.30pm EST

When: Wednesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free

exercise and bass for us

Join a 30 minute workout to UK Garage for the BAME community to help build the immune system and help alleviate stress and depression. Also  focusing on fat burning, cardiovascular efficiency and boosting the immune system

When: Sundays // Where: Online // Price: Free

Art Therapy


This weekly workshop led by art educators will encourage you to express your creativity and focus on balancing your mind through art.

When: Tuesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free





virtual knitting

Want to learn how to crochet or knit? Get inspired with this informal session for beginners and experienced knitters.

When: Wednesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free




Free online french course

Learn the basics of the French language led by a Native French speaker. This ongoing course is a practical one focused on building conversational skills on the last Saturday of the month.

When: Feb 20 // Where: Online // Price: Free



vegan cooking classes: mindful cooking italian + greek cuisine

Learn to prepare delicious vegan meals from the comfort of your own home by tuning into these weekly online cooking courses.

When: 7 Feb // Where: Online // Price: $20





Learn to prepare delicious Thai vegan meals from the comfort of your own home by tuning into these weekly online cooking courses.

When: 7 Feb // Where: Online // Price: $20


homemadE paste: cook along with smeg’s home economists

Prepare homemade pasta with a pumpkin, brown butter and sage sauce. Whether you are cooking along or just watching, this recipe can be made using only a few ingredients.

When: 18 Feb // Where: Online // Price: Free



kitchen carnival: mardi gras cooking class

Learn how to cook up classic and contemporary Creole cuisine, for at-home Mardi Gras celebration! Celebrate and join this virtual cooking class.

When: 6,7 Feb // Where: Online // Price: Free



ubs virtual cooking class: creamy tuscan salmon

Join to make a Creamy Tuscan Salmon-perfectly seared salmon topped with a creamy sauce of parmesan, cannellini beans, garlic, tomato, spinach and herbs in this fun free 30 minute class.

When: 8 Feb // Where: Online // Price: Free



mum’s support group

Talk with other moms about everything from mom guilt to finding peaceful moments and improving your mindset in a confidential space.

When: Tuesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free


self love feb

Whether you’re starting out on your journey of self love or have been loving yourself for a long time, join in on 4 empowering sessions where you will learn tools, tips and techniques to transform the most important relationship in your life.

When: Wednesdays // Where: Online // Price: Free


brother check in

This is a safe space for gay, bi and trans men to meet up online and share their story, to listen, laugh, discover and tackle some of the feelings that they may have. Brother have created a space just for you, to be who you are without fear of judgement.

When: Mon, Thu Where: Online Price: £5.98


queer disabilities during the pandemic

Join London-based artists and creatives as they share their experiences of being queer and disabled throughout the pandemic.

When: Feb 25 Where: Online Price: FREE


yoga for people of colour

Each class has a unique, inspiring theme and personalized instruction to cultivate safety and body awareness. Led by Satya de la Paz (she/her) a Queer, Multiracial, Black Woman offering 13 years of experience teaching Yoga, dance, and meditation. 

When: Thu & Sat // Where:Online// Price: Donations


student peer support group

A student based social peer network for supporting one another, sharing experiences and learning new self-help tools to improve well-being. Everyone is welcome and there is no pressure to disclose anything you don’t want to.

When: Tuesdays// Where: Online// Price: Free



Talk To Someone

The world's first social network for mental health community, events and support.

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