Am I Just Shy or Is This Social Anxiety?

There’s nothing wrong with being shy, but if your shyness is keeping you from doing things, you could be dealing with social anxiety. Know that you’re not alone if you can relate to any of its symptoms. Social Anxiety is something many people go through.

“I’m super shy so to gain some confidence I try to do things on my own. Also I try to fake my confidence sometimes and it helps.”

“What’s it called when you want to talk to someone and be social but you’re afraid that you are being a pest?”

“I think I have social anxiety but I’m not even sure and I can’t tell my parents because they just say ‘I’m being stupid’ or ‘It’s just something on the internet’.”

Being shy and having social anxiety are not the same thing. As explained by How Stuff Works, there are five things that separate shyness from social phobia.

Talk about it

Many of us struggle to make friends and connect with other people whether to do shyness, anxiety or pure introvertness. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you’re going through. There are other people with similar experiences whose stories may give you the motivation and direction needed to work through your own issues.

Talk To Someone

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